Workshop with Bettina Maureenji

20-21 JULY 2024





This workshop is for people who:

  • love to create a space together for our voices and hearts to be opened.
  • are interested in the transformation that can happen by using our own voices.
  • feel a calling to open and explore their voice.
  • feel timid, blocked up or shy speaking or expressing them selves.
  • are ready to go deep and connect to their shadow.
  • love singing.
  • who like to discover the medicinal benefits of doing sounds or vocal exercises.
  • to breath deeper and create a space for healing and transformation through sound.
  • like to create their own singing circle, vocal gatherings.
  • like to participate in the evolution of consciousness.
  • feel grateful to be alive.
  • are open to the benefits of being in service.
  • are facilitators wanting to learn more about voice work.
  • like to create a sacred and ceremonial practice around their work with the master plants.
  • feel effected by WiFi frequencies.

Learn about:

  • Guided meditations connecting you to the instrument of your voice.
  • Voice and breathing exercisis.
  • Working with the Indian Musical Scale.
  • Singing and playing devotional songs in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • How to use your voice and song practice for self healing and well being.
  • Being with your own truth and voice in all areas of your life.
  • Noticing contracted feelings within your body and emotions and transform them into expansion.


will as play a Ceremonial Concert

the day before the workshop.

So you are welcome to already arrive the 19 JULY 2024




I am an internationally certified voice and music healing facilitator, meditative musician, song writer, intuitive soul teacher, mystic and poet with accreditation in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. During my time at CIIS I also deepened my studies on Transpersonal Psychology inspired by Grof, Maslow and Sutich.

I created The Medicine of Your Voice method and teacher training inspired by the Indian Classical Vocal Style Dhrupad and my life experiences. My studies in Tantric Buddhism and Sufism and ongoing studies fuse into this method that constantly unfolds.

My vocation is to inspire people to discover body and voice as medicine and an instrument which serves us in music and life. I am passionate about witnessing people connecting to their inner sanctuary through sound, song and silence in order to navigate the ocean of life with an open heart. I love when people awaken into their unique way of expression, discover their own music and assist others in their discovery. Music is ever where. Within a word, within silence, in your eyes, in the movements of your emotions.

The songs and prayers I have written and learned over the last 20 years carry the vibration of universal love which guides us all into states of consciousness where healing and transformation can take place. I am inspired by the ceremony of life, the forces of nature and the temporary stay on this planet. For me sound is sacred and a direct connection to the Divine that teaches us to stay grounded within our bodies, to be in touch with Mother Earth and to wish happiness for all beings seen and unseen.