About Us

Solhälla is run and taken care of by a group of friends

that are devoted tothe beauty and healing power of this land.

The biodynamic cultivation of our gardens,

the personal and spiritual development and healing that takes place through the workshops and retreats are the main pillars of our work and vision.


 Björn is our senior advisor,

an entrepeneur and guide.

He works with shamanistic tools and healing sounds.

He is deeply grounded in old Sufi mystic

and the teachings of his main teacher Derk Loeks.

He lives next to Solhälla with his son Mikael and dog Valentine who shares his passion for long forest walks.

In his latest chapter you find him with all his joy sailing on the open sea.


 Genko is the one who has been longest at Solhälla and is deeply connected with the lake, the nature and many friends around. She has held the space for healing here for many years through the bodywork and healing sessions she offers.

She has been working

with people, groups and communities all her life and is now organizing  most Events at Solhälla and taking care of all our guests in her unique and loving way.


 He is a true son of the earth.

His overall skilled hands

don´t only build temples and repair all holes at Solhälla,

he also plays all the magic

rhythms of the earth on his percussion and works the soil in the garden to grow the most delicious veggies.


Her deep love for plants and animals becomes visible everywhere in Solhälla.

You can usually meet her

with her dog companions in the garden where she is growing food, herbs and flowers.

She is also spreading her art

in form of paintings and sculptures all over the place.

 Hildegard & her Gang



Our two- and four legged friends are helping us in our mission

to take care for the land. And they are doing a really great job!


the ducks