Photos and films

Here are some pictures from the New Years Evening at Solhälla – the last hours of 2012 and the fire-bird burning up when we entered 2013. Zita Marias took these pictures.

We wish you a great new year!

This is our Christmas and New Years song. Björn Ekegren filmed it:

Here are some videos from One Heart Festival taken by Zita Marias:

One Heart Festival 2012 – photos by Ingmari Lamy. Click on an arrow to see next photo. Here is a link to the blogg Ingmari writes for the magazine Rodeo

This film is taken by Dinmali on a lovely morning of the festival 2012. Mattis and festival-friends are singing.

The photos in the slideshow on the first page is taken by Nirav Hörstedt.

The rest of the photos at the page “Working at Solhälla” is taken by Zita Mariasova and also the photo atthe page “Solhälla right now” . Here is a slideshow from the Christmas market the 11 of December 2011:

Here is a slideshow with some more pictures taken by Zita during summer and autumn 2011:

Here are pictures from One Heart Festival 2010 taken by Mikaela Larm: