Welcome to Solhälla!

Solhälla is a meetingplace close to nature, where the heart is near and we serve through growth.

Solhälla is located in Svenshögen about 60 kilometers north of Gothenburg. This is a village in developement with a lot of engagement for a life that is sustainable, not only for us living now but for many generations ahead.
To Solhälla you can come for fesivals or to participate in some of our exciting educational programs in the personal developement field. You are also welcome to come for rest and recreation. During weekdays we offer daily activities mornings and evenings such as yoga, different kinds of dance, concerts and more.
All the gifts of nature around us you can find among the ingredients in the kitchen.
Come to discover Solhälla in your own way!

Dating the Divine with Talasi 24-26 October

A one way ticket to Love for singles,

with Deva Talasi and friends
on Solhalla Kursgård in Sweden.
24-26 October 2014.

Do you long to meet love, feel love, share love, and be love ?

Are you longing for a meeting with your own inner “Beloved “ ?

If so , then this deep and beautiful Autumn Love- Gathering for Singles,
may really be something for you.

Deep into Love, Freedom and Intimacy with Dhara Milehag 31 Oct – 2 Nov

Warmly welcome to a weekend with the focus on LOVE and opening up for more freedom and intimacy! We will explore limits, dive into our longings and open up for a powerful flow between our mind, heart and creative sexual center. By using bioenergetics we unfold and release physical and emotional blockages that are in the way for us to live a life that is as grounded, inspiring and full of love as we wish.

Deep Union – Tantra for couples with Smrati 14-16 November

Deep Union

Närheten till en partner väcker upp många känslor i oss och är därför en underbar möjlighet att växa i relationen och som männskor.

Denna tantrakurs är en trygg miljö där du och din partner får en möjlighet att lära känna och uttrycka era djupaste behov samt att fördjupa det intima mötet tillsammans.